Clearview Oakville Community Alliance

What is COCA?

Clearview Oakville Community Alliance (C.O.C.A.), is the residents association for the Clearview community. 

What does COCA do for Clearview?

  • Assists residents with various neighbourhood issues, Town& Region services.
  • Raises neighborhood issues with Town and Region representatives
  • Represents Clearview at Town Council & Committee meetings, Mayor’s Community Leaders Roundtable, Regional and Boards of Education meetings
  • Delegates on issues affecting Clearview with different government authorities
  • Lobbies for Clearview services & amenities that keep our community vibrant.
  • Organize monthly C.O.C.A. meetings with guest speakers and provide updates on various matters of community interest.
  • Organize the Annual Clean-up & BBQ
  • Coordinates with other Ward 3 residents associations on Town matters that are impacting and/or challenging our communities.