Membership / Renewal


(Clearview Oakville Community Alliance)

Your Official Oakville Neighborhood Residents Association



1) Please fill out C.O.C.A. Membership and Renewal Form below. Completing the online C.O.C.A. Membership and Renewal Form is not mandatory. Providing this information helps the C.O.C.A Board Members create community meetings and events relevant to you and our community interests. 

2) Enclose within an envelope a note stating your full name, address, email and a simple declaration of support/intent to become a C.O.C.A. member with your annual membership of $10.  

3) Enclose your $10 cash or cheque to C.O.C.A

4) Send sealed envelope to: C.O.C.A., c/o Robert Brabers, President

1520 Clearview Drive, Oakville, ON   L6J 6W7


Feel free to email C.O.C.A. directly with any questions: